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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004: EuroClie closing soon...

Well, it's been a while since I last updated the EuroClie site, and let's be honest: with Sony releasing every other week a new device almost identical to the previous model, with just a new name and slightly modified design, keeping track of all the devices specs has become uninteresting and tedious. Also, I've sold my Sony Clie NX70V a couple of weeks ago, and I don't have any Sony hardware to test the new programs...

All in all, I think it's time to give this website a decent rest, and pronounce its end officially.

I'll try to find a way to keep the existing content online, either on the current server (it's free anyway) or on some other website, but I'll be closing this mailing list now (not used much those days, anyway), so this will be the last message you receive from it!

As for the email address, it's been in use for such a long time that I receive about 20 to 30 spam message everday on this account, and only a "legitimate" message every couple of weeks or so, and it will probably disappear in the future as well.

A big thank you for everyone of you who has visited the site and subscribed to this humble list, I hope that you have enjoyed reading EuroClie as much as I enjoyed making it, even if it didn't really live up to its expectations, mostly due to the lack of time...

Wednesday October 2nd, 2002: NX60/NX70V officially released in Japan and USA.
Sony has announced officially today the release of the first OS5 Clié devices, the NX60 and NX70V.

Externally, those devices are almost identical to the NR70 and NR70V respectively (i.e. the NX70V has a builtin digital camera, whereas the NX60 has none), with just a CF slot (for communication devices only,
not to be used for memory cards).

Internally, though, they are brand new devices running PalmOS 5.0 (Japanese or US version) on a 200MHz Intel PXA250 ARM processor, 16Mb RAM, 16Mb FlashROM, the now well known 320x480, 65k color LCD screen with virtual grafitti. The device weight is 220g, and the battery life, depending on the usage, can vary between 1 hour (continuous photo shots, to 4 hours (listening MP3 with the hold button ON (and so the
screen switched off), up to 5 hours normal usage (i.e. no music or photo) with the backlight OFF.

The new CF slot can be used only with a few communication CompactFlash cards, essentially the Sony Wifi card PEGA-WL100, plus a few PHS cards (PHS is one of the data mobile phone systems in use in Japan), the TDK DF56CF, KAGA ELECTRONICS iTAX-56K and CF56R-BJ analog modems.
The NX70V internal battery ensures up to 2.5 hours of continuous communication time using the Wifi card.

The camera builtin in the NX70V has been beefed-up when compared with the NR70V, and can now take still shots in 640x480, and movies (in MPEG4 format) in 160x112 pixels...

The retail price of the NX70V is 59800 JPY (i.e. 500 €), or 599 US$ for the US model, whereas the NX60 sells for 49800 JPY (410 €), or 499 US$ for the US model. Both devices will reach the shelves october 19th, 2002 in Japan.

Friday June 21st, 2002: T665C release imminent in Hong Kong.
Sonystyle Hong Kong has announced the imminent release of the PEG-T665C, which is the English version of the T650C released recently in Japan. This model is a supercharged T615C with a 66MHz Dragonball processor and a builtin MP3 chipset + audio jack, like on the PEG-NR70(V). Unlike the NR70(V), though it doesn't feature the virtual grafitti area, the screen is the same good old 320x320... The retail price is expected to be 3280 HK$ (440€ or 420 US$), and the devices will be shipped between July 6th and july 11th. Deducing from that announcement that the US (and maybe European) release of this device is getting closer is no big deal! But then, now that PalmOS 5 has gone gold, ARM devices with OS5 are certainly already taking shape in Sony's laboratories, so buy wisely! ;-)

Thursday June 6th, 2002: At last something new on €uroClié!!!
Believe it or not, I've had a hard time finding a moment here and there to work on the Chromed project, and I had to neglect my site's update for quite a longer time than I like to... Anyway, the wait was worth it, believe me!

About Chromed: there's a link just above with more informations, but basically I've solved nearly all the issues I had with ROM file addition, so now Chromed is able to add and delete files from any Clie ROM (and most recent Palm ROM as well). I've not yet implemented the Japanese NR70V ROM handling (as these ROM images are 10Mb instead of the usual 8Mb maximum size), but anyway there's no program yet able to dump those big ROM images to your PC, so it's not really needed now - and it's trivial to modify later when needed. I've started to write the rest of the program now - you can already have a look at the various databases in the ROM, and you'll soon be able to modify them, and the actual localization stuff is now close at hand. Meanwhile, if you encounter a bug (either Chromed crashes or the ROM produced makes the emulator crash), please let me know so that I can fix it. After so many hours of testing, I wouldn't be able to tell a bug from a normal feature anymore... ;-)

Sony will release a new device, the PEG-T650C, in Japan in two days. For 39800 JP¥ it will be a beefed-up T600C with a 66MHz SuperVZ Dragonball and a builtin MP3 chipset with audio jack like on the N7xxC (even slightly better, in fact, since you should be able to listen to the music through the headset or the internal speaker).

Otherwise, I've updated my software list, and started to add at last a few well known high-resolution compatible programs (TinySheet, DateBk5, Bump Attack...). There are still a few programs missing from my list (well, more than a few to be honest), but I'll try to keep up in the coming weeks. Happy Clié to you all, and don't hold your breath for PalmOS 5! :-)


Patrick Robbe

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