Clie interface localization

First of all, a big thank you to Pal-Mac who first thought about using localise hack to get an English-localized version of the Japanese Clie interface.

Preliminary note: all that follows is for the PEG-S300 and PEG-S500C devices only. For the PEG-N700C, please refer to Pal-Mac site (or wait a while so that I can do the localizers).

Please note that only a part of the interface is localized, but it's better than nothing!!! Particularly, almost all menus are translated in English for the following applications: Date Book, Address Book, To Do and Memo Pad, as well as the program launcher. Some menus / buttons / dialog boxes can't be localized using this method, so I'm investigating other solutions (preferably freeware of course) to fully localize the interface.

Paragon Software sells quite a few localized version of the PalmOS (essentially in languages using non occidental characters), but in spite of what they advertise on their web site, the Piloc Toolkit they use is for internal use only, no hope with this product... :-(

Here's a zip file (16 Kb) for all of you who wish to localize in English the Japanese Clie interface. The zuip file contains the followong files: Address_Book_Localizer.prc, Date_Book_Localizer.prc, Launcher_Localizer.prc, Memo_Pad_Localizer.prc, To_Do_List_Localizer.prc. These files are to be installde on your Clie via hotsync. You also need to install localise hack on the Clie, with of course hackmaster or X-master or any other equivalent to activate localise hack. Once localise hack is activated, you'll get a nice English interface on your Clie! ;-)

Original Japanese Address Book Address Book with localizer
Original Japanese Date Book Date Book with localizer

Soon on this page: the French localization (with non accented characters only due to the Japanese OS...) and others languages as well if there are any volunteers! Also, I'll release (as soon as I've written them) the localizers for the PEG-N700C. (contact me for translations in other languages...)